A Struggling Daphne Bush


A Struggling Daphne Bush

I love my Daphne bush, but it is dying. It is about a year old and growing by a fence where the ground is very wet. Is there any way of saving it, I have used Acid fertiliser. Should I shift it? 

While Daphne’s do not appreciate being moved, your Daphne will die if it remains in this very wet position. 

Daphne can be a bit fussy as it prefers fertile, well-drained soil that is slightly acid. Choose a new location that receives half-day sun or dappled light. Avoid spots with heavy shade or exposure to hot afternoon sun. Prepare the new planting site thoroughly by adding generous amounts of compost to the existing soil, which adds nutrients and helps with drainage. 

When transplanting your Daphne plant, include as much of the surrounding soil as possible to avoid disturbing the root system. Water well, adding Garden Time™ Seafeed Plus NPK to your watering can, to help lessen transplant shock.

If the daphne does not recover, purchase a new Daphne ‘odora rubra’, the most robust of all Daphne's available. 

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