Growing Camellias


My neighbour has a tree bearing the most magnificent large pink Camellia blooms. Would it be feasible to plant the seed pods from this tree to germinate replicas of the parent tree?


If you particularly like your neighbour’s flowering Camellia, the best approach is to take a flower to your nearest garden centre, where hopefully they will name the variety and be able to supply you with a new plant.

It is possible to grow them from seed, however, there is no guarantee that the new seedlings will in any way be identical to the parent plant. Therefore, Camellias are always commercially grown from cuttings and in some instances are grafted.

By all means you can sow the seeds into Daltons Premium Seed Mix, however it will be 3-4 years before the first flowers appear. It is advisable to break up the fruit of the Camellia and sow the individual seeds. Good luck with your experiment!