Sun Activities

Botanical Sun Catchers

What you need

  • Clear self-adhesive shelf liner
  • Paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Flower petals — the more variety, the better!
  • Leaves
  • Pipe cleaners or yarn (for hanging)

How to make it

  1. Cut out the center of a paper plate and attach the clear shelf liner to the back with the sticky side facing the front of the plate.
  2. Arrange bits of flower petals and leaves onto the shelf liner. Try making a pattern by contrasting different types of flowers.
  3. Once the flower petals and leaves are arranged, cover the design with another layer of clear shelf liner (cut to fit inside the paper plate). 
  4. Use a hole punch to make two holes near the top of the plate, and attach some yarn or a pipe cleaner for hanging.
  5. Display in sunny window and when the sun shines through, these sun catchers are sure to add a bit of colourful cheer to any space!

Originally sourced from The Kindergarten Connection

Botanical sun catchers.jpg

Garden Sundial

What you need

  • 12 rocks or sea shells
  • Paint or markers
  • A long stick
  • A clock/watch

How to make it

  1. First, find a sunny area (preferably in a garden or flower bed) where you can build your sundial. You’ll probably need a circular area that measures between 25-30cm in diameter.
  2. Put one end of your stick into the ground so the opposite end points towards the sky. You’ll have to watch the stick’s shadow over the next few hours to see if you need to tilt it.  The goal is when the sun is directly overhead at 12 noon, you want the shadow of your stick to be the shortest.  Use a clock to time the shadow between 10am and 1pm to mark the point where the shadow was shortest on the circle.
  3. Once you find the shortest shadow, place a marker at that spot for 12.
  4. Check the stick’s shadow on the hour to get an idea of how far apart your seashells or rocks will need to be on your circle.
  5.  Decorate your sundial’s seashells and write the numbers 1 - 12 on each one.
  6. Based on your stick markings (or place markers like our rocks), set up your sundial clock by placing the shells where the shadow falls on each hour.

Originally sourced from KC Edventures

Garden sundial.jpg