I am hoping to plant green chillies, little Jalapenos, this weekend. Last year I had a super harvest. I want to know if it is okay to plant in the same area or is it preferable that I plant in a new area? I do know that they usually recommend planting a different type of plant each season. I noticed that my lettuce is not doing as well this season as the previous season, and I wondered if was because I planted in the same spot as the previous season.


Different plants give and take different nutrients from the soil. By rotating where crops are planted you can manage the soil nutrient balance. However, if you have limited space, or a good spot in the garden that gets sufficient sunshine and shelter from strong winds, then by all means use this area again if you wish. Just ensure you put nutrition back into the soil before planting by adding in plenty of compost such as Daltons Compost or Daltons Organic Compost. Dig the compost in and mix well with existing soil to one spade depth. Then feed vegetables with side dressings of Daltons Vegetable Fertiliser throughout the growing periods to promote cropping. Even if you are doing a crop rotation, adding a bit of fresh compost is always a good idea to give plants the best start.