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When is the best time to plant out potatoes? And what is the best method for growing them? I have seen them grown in buckets and bags.


In the cooler parts of Dunedin, plant your potatoes in October/early November to avoid late season frost. Prepare the soil thoroughly by raising the area to be planted 100-120mm above the existing ground level and mix in Daltons Compost and/or Garden Time Planting Mix. Being root vegetables, they need room to grow so plant seed potatoes 5cm deep and 25-30cm apart with approximately 70cm between rows. As the potatoes grow, mound the soil up around the plants to protect the developing tubers.

While potatoes can be grown in large containers, old tyres and big buckets etc, the eventual harvest is quite often very limited compared to potatoes grown in the ground. However, one of the main advantages of container growing is that you can plant your potatoes somewhat earlier by placing the container in a warm, sheltered position.

Feed your potato crops with a side dressing of Daltons Potato Fert 2-3 times during their growing period, but don’t over fertilise as it will lead to green leafy tops and fewer potatoes in the ground.

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