Garden Time Tomato Mix

Garden Time Tomato Mix

Garden Time Tomato Mix has been designed specifically for growing tomatoes of all types, including cherry tomatoes, in containers, raised beds and traditional garden beds. Garden Time Tomato Mix is blended from weed-free, natural and organic ingredients for strong, healthy fruit production.

  • Contains controlled-release fertiliser
  • Extra Magnesium (Mg) for dark green, healthy leaves
  • Added Calcium (Ca) and Potassium (K) for bigger, more plentiful fruit production
  • Manufactured from renewable products
  • 100% weed free

Tomatoes have deep root systems so make sure deep pots or containers are used. For garden beds make sure there is sufficient room for root development. A well-established root system is always essential for healthy growth.

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How to use

Containers, Hanging Baskets or Planter Boxes

Fill the container with Garden Time Tomato Mix. Compact lightly by hand and water to see what level the mix settles at. If necessary top up before planting, keeping mix level 2-3cm below the edge of the pot.

Place containers in a warm, sheltered spot with lots of sunlight. Protect from frost.

As a Planter Mix

In new raised beds and gardens, add Garden Time Tomato Mix to a depth of 30-50cm. Compact lightly by hand, and water thoroughly. 

For existing gardens, dig a hole to hold 7-10L of mix for each tomato seedling. 
Once the first fruit begins to ripen, an application of Garden Time Fertiliser is recommended. 


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