Daltons Tub Mix

Daltons Tub Mix

Daltons Tub Mix is specially formulated to retain moisture and maintain a desirable air porosity necessary for healthy root and plant growth in outdoor containers and hanging baskets. It contains a full and balanced blend of fertilisers including controlled release fertiliser and wetting agent.

Daltons Tub Mix is perfect for:

  • Outdoor tubs and barrels
  • Terracotta and ceramic pots
  • Window boxes
  • Hanging baskets
  • Potted specimen trees

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How to use

  1. Thoroughly wet the plant to be potted.
  2. Trim any damaged or tangled roots, loosen up the root ball and clean off the top 1cm of the old mix to eliminate any weeds.
  3. Partially fill a clean, free draining container with Daltons Tub Mix.
  4. Place the plant in the container and adjust the tub mix under the plant until it is at the desired height.
  5. Fill the rest of the container to approximately 2cm from the top, gently tapping to ensure the mix distributes throughout the roots.
  6. Water thoroughly at regular intervals taking care not to let your container dry out completely.

With the superior water holding properties of Daltons Tub Mix, care must be taken not to over water.


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