Daltons Seed Mix

Daltons Seed Mix

Daltons Seed Mix is manufactured with quality screened materials and a high quality commercial blend of fertilisers and wetting agent, to ensure maximum germination and growth of your seedlings.

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How to use

Treatment Guide

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Ready to use Leach before use

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Leaching Process: Select container with drainage holes. Fill container with mix. Wet thoroughly with hose until water flows out through base of container. Allow to drain.
After two months:  Seed mix is best used as fresh as possible. We recommend you do not use Daltons Seed Mix if it is more than two months since the date of manufacture. For best results purchase a fresh bag of Daltons Seed Mix.


Fill your container with Daltons Seed Mix.
Water lightly to moisten the mix.

Spread your seeds over the surface as evenly as possible.

Cover the seeds with mix to a depth not more than twice the thickness of the seed. For very fine seed, just press into the surface.

Tips and know how

Cover your container with glass and paper to maintain an even moisture and temperature for germination. Once germinated, seedlings require light, water and nutrients

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