Daltons Premium Tub Mix

Daltons Premium Tub Mix

Daltons Premium Tub Mix is a blend of high-quality ingredients and fertilisers designed specifically for growing outdoors in large containers. Designed for use in all outdoor containers, including hanging baskets and window boxes.

  • Blended from 100% natural and renewable ingredients
  • Meets the high nutrient demands of outdoor growing for up to 10 months 
  • Contains coco fibre and bark fibre which significantly increases moisture retention
  • Contains Daltons wetting agent to increase wettability of the mix, ensuring even moisture distribution and penetration of water to the root zone
  • Guaranteed weed-free.

Where to buy

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How to use

Use a big container. Bigger is better. A larger pot or container holds moisture longer and also provides more space for the plants’ roots. The healthier the root system, the healthier your plants will be. The container must have drainage holes in the bottom to allow excess water to drain.

  1. Ensure the plant to be potted is thoroughly moist before potting.
  2. Trim any damaged or tangled roots, loosen up the root ball and clean off the top 1cm of old mix to eliminate any weeds.
  3. Partially fill a clean, free draining container with Daltons Premium Tub Mix.
  4. Place the plant in the container and adjust the mix under the plant until it is at the desired height.
  5. Fill the rest of the container to approximately 2cm from the top, gently tapping to ensure the mix distributes throughout the roots.  
  6. Water thoroughly at regular intervals, taking care not to let your container dry out completely.
  7. Make sure you have read the plant label and position your plant according to whether it requires shade or full sun.
Feeding Container Plants

The ideal nutrient supply for container growing comes from controlled release coated fertilisers which release nutrients in response to mix temperatures and moisture content. Daltons Premium Tub Mix contains these fertilisers to feed your plants for up to 10 months. For extra feeding after that period use a quality controlled release fertiliser such as Daltons Premium Goldcote and refer to container for instructions.

Garden Planting
  1. Dig hole at least 4 times the plant's pot volume and half fill with Daltons Premium Tub Mix. 
  2. Once the hole is ready for planting, de-pot the plant and soak thoroughly. 
  3. If the plant needs a stake for support this is best positioned before backfilling to prevent root injury. 
  4. Position the plant and gently backfill the hole with Daltons Premium Tub Mix. Firm down mix to the same depth as surrounding soil, or slightly above.  
  5. Water thoroughly. 

If sufficient Daltons Premium Tub Mix has been used at time of planting there will be enough nutrients supplied to establish your plant and grow through the first season. 


Tips and know how

"Daltons Premium Tub Mix is the perfect growing media for growing a wide variety of plants in outdoor containers, including hanging baskets. With its quality blend of ingredients and full complement of fertilisers, your plants will have the very best growing conditions. And as it’s manufactured by Daltons, quality and performance are assured."

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