Daltons Premium Orchiata Power (No.5)

Daltons Premium Orchiata Power (No.5)

Grade: 9-12mm

New Zealand’s unique climate coupled with the growth characteristics of New Zealand Pinus Radiata trees creates a tough, long lasting bark that produces superior orchid substrates.

  • 100%natural aged bark.
  • Solid bark particles resistant to chipping and composting.
  • Lengthens repotting time.
  • Used by leading commercial orchid growers.


Daltons Premium Orchiata Power (No.5) is ideal for orchids with medium-sized roots including:

  • Phalaenopsis
  • Oncidium
  • Odontoglossum
  • Dendrobium
  • Paphiopedilum


This product is processed from a natural resource. If fungi from the Penicillium genus appears, it will not harm or damage plants.

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