Daltons Potting Mix

Daltons Potting Mix

Daltons Potting Mix provides the ideal growing medium for all plants both indoor and outdoor. 

Contains controlled release fertilisers for immediate and continuing nutrient and trace element availability for up to 6 months. Daltons Potting Mix is a blend of Daltons unique bark fibre, bark fines and coco fibre. Containing controlled release fertilisers, wetting agent and starter fertiliser.

  • Maintains desirable air porosity for healthy root growth.
  • Superior water retention properties ensure available moisture and nutrients for long periods between watering.
  • Greatly assists in re-watering if potting mix becomes dry.

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How to use

  1. Please follow the treatment guide on the back of this bag before using this product.
  2. Ensure the plant to be potted is thoroughly moist before repotting.
  3. Partially fill your pot with Daltons Potting Mix.
  4. Trim off any knotted roots and gently loosen the root ball.
  5. Place plant into the pot, adjusting the level of potting mix to be 2-3cm below the pot rim.
  6. Fill the rest of the pot with Daltons Potting Mix, gently tapping the pot sides to ensure mix distributes throughout the roots.
  7. Firm down gently and water thoroughly.

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