Daltons Organic Seed Mix

  • Organic Seed Mix 15L

Daltons Organic Seed Mix

Daltons Organic Seed Mix is manufactured using the finest quality BioGro certified products, including naturally composted bark, organic materials, NuFert and pumice; blended and screened to produce a high quality medium suitable for all seed germination and cell growing. It includes NuFert, a BioGro certified slow release fertiliser produced by infusing nutrients into Zeolite granules. Plant roots then extract these nutrients, resulting in a more efficient uptake and stronger long term growth. Also includes Bioinoculant Granules, chemical-free friendly fungus for natural disease suppression and healthier plants.

  • BIOINOCULANT GRANULES for seedling health
  • ORGANIC NUTRIENTS for vigorous root development
  • FINE SCREENED MIX for consistent germination

Where to buy

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How to use


Refer to seed packet for instructions specific to your plant variety.

  1. Fill your container with Daltons Organic Seed Mix to approximately 1cm below the top.
  2. Moisten lightly to dampen the mix.
  3. Spread your seeds evenly over the surface or sow in shallow rows.
  4. Cover the seeds with mix to a depth not more than twice the thickness of the seed.

NOTE: For very fine seeds just press into the mix surface.


Tips and know how

Seed trays can be covered with glass until they germinate. Once germinated keep in a warm, sunny position and keep the mix moist. Once seedlings are established, transplant into Daltons Organic Potting Mix.

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