Daltons Organic Potting Mix

Daltons Organic Potting Mix

Daltons Organic Potting Mix is manufactured using the finest quality BioGro certified products, including natural and composted materials. NuFert and pumice are added to create a desirable physical structure with excellent air porosity, water holding capacity and water distribution.

  • Safe to use in all garden situations.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing in pots and containers.
  • Full supply of composted organic nutrients
  • Includes NuFert - A BioGro certified slow release fertiliser produced by infusing nutrients into Zeolite granules. Plant roots then extract these nutrients, resulting in a more efficient uptake and stronger long term growth.
  • Includes Bioinoculant Granules - Chemical-free friendly fungus for natural disease suppression and healthier plants.
Benefits include:
  • ZEOLITE NUTRIENT SPONGE for continuous feeding
  • BIOINOCULANT GRANULES for plant health
  • ORGANIC NUTRIENTS for fruiting and flowering
  • TRACE ELEMENTS for root development and growth

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How to use

  1. Ensure the plant to be repotted is thoroughly moist before repotting.
  2. Partially fill the pot or container with Daltons Organic Potting Mix.
  3. Trim off any knotted roots and gently loosen the root ball.
  4. Place the plant into the pot or container, adjusting the potting mix level to ensure the top of the root ball and level of the potting mix will be 1cm below the top of the pot.
  5. Fill the rest of the pot or container with Daltons Organic Potting Mix, gently tapping the sides to ensure the mix distributes throughout the roots.
  6. Firm down gently and water thoroughly.
  1. Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Half fill the hole with Daltons Organic Potting MIx.
  2. Gently tease the root ball out and trim off any knotted roots.
  3. Place plant into the hole so the base of the stem is at ground level.
  4. Fill the hole with Daltons Organic Potting Mix and gently firm down.
  5. Water thoroughly.
Raised Garden Beds

Ensure mix is at a minimum depth of 300mm. Plant directly into mix.

Tips and know how

For ongoing plant maintenance use with Daltons Organic Bioinoculant Powder.

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