Daltons Lawn Fertiliser

Daltons Lawn Fertiliser

Daltons Lawn Fertiliser is a balanced blend of compound fertilisers and trace elements to provide all essential nutrients for a healthy and hardwearing lawn. 

  • Encourages lush thick, green growth.
  • Promotes healthy deep root development.
  • Increases disease resistance and discourages weeds.
  • Ideal for spreader or broadcast application.

Where to buy

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How to use

1 Metric cup = 320g

New lawns or instant turf

Apply at 20g per m2.
For new lawns do not apply until grass has germinated and established - approximately 2-4 weeks.

Lawns from 8 weeks to 1 year

Apply at 20-25g per m2.

Established lawns 

Apply at 20-30g per m2.

For all applications spread evenly just prior to rain, or water in after application. Best results will be obtained using a spreader applicator.

Regular application (every 8-12 weeks) during periods of strong growth (spring and autumn) will give best results.

Sweep shoes and hard surfaces such as driveways, paths and pavers clear of any granules as staining can occur when granules are wet.

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