Daltons Goldcote Planting Mix

Goldcote Planting Mix combines Goldcote long-term release fertiliser with the early release properties of Extend Complete for superior results. Designed specifically for in-ground planting including trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, ground cover and shade plants. Ideal in substandard or low nutrient soils. 

  • Contains controlled release fertiliser to feed plants for 8-10 months.          
  • Contains Permawet® to ensure uniform wetting of mix and improved moisture penetration to roots.      
  • Increases organic matter and improves soil structure and drainage.      
  • Enhances sandy soils and increases water holding capacity.      
  • Promotes earthworm activity and improves nutrient availability.      
  • Guaranteed 100% weed-free.


  • Goldcote Planting Mix 30L
Planting Mix

Dig a hole to twice the size of the root ball and half fill with Goldcote Planting Mix. Gently place plant in the hole so it is at the correct level and fill with Goldcote Planting Mix, gently firming around the plant.

Soil Conditioner

For best results place 15-20cm of Goldcote Planting Mix on your garden and dig to a depth of approximately 30cm. This should be done annually, before planting if possible. After planting apply a layer of Goldcote Planting Mix as a mulch.


Spread Goldcote Planting Mix 5cm deep on garden beds to help prevent weeds germinating from the soil below as well as to retain moisture and help keep an even soil temperature.

After Care

For best results use the Goldcote Fertiliser range when top dressing or additional feeding is required. Refer to packaging for instructions.

How much do I need?

Our volume calculator can help you to work out how may bags of the product you will need. You'll need to know:

  • Length of your garden box or area
  • Width of you garden box or area
  • How deep you're going to lay the product
  • Which product and bag sizes you want to use

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