Daltons Enriched Compost

Daltons Enriched Compost

Enriched Compost boosts growth by adding slow release nutrient and organic matter to your garden. It also improves soil structure and drainage to help maintain moisture, encourage earthworm activity and improve soil health.

Enriched Compost is intended as a soil conditioner which should be dug in and mixed with existing soil. 

** Contains Daltons Premium Extend Complete Fertiliser! **

  • The patented nitrification inhibitor coating of Daltons Premium Extend Complete Fertiliser extends the delivery of nitrogen to plants.
  • Provides a longer lasting slow release delivery of nutrients.
  • Improves growth and yields.
  • Reduces leaching.
  • Improves soil structure and drainage to help maintain moisture.
  • Encourages earthworm activity.
  • Improves soil health.

Where to buy

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How to use

As a Soil Conditioner:

Apply 15-20cm of compost on top of the garden and fork in to a depth of approximately 25cm, ensuring soil and compost are well mixed.

As a Mulch:

Apply to your garden to a depth of 5cm. The base of the plant should be kept free from mulch.


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