Daltons Coir Mulch 60L

An attractive decorative mulch for a variety of applications including gardens, playgrounds, curbsides and top of pot plants.

Daltons Coir Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil and suppresses weed growth. 

  • Perfect for a natural garden finish
  • Easy to transport
  • Makes up to 60 litres once hydrated


  • Daltons Coir Mulch 4.5kg
  1. Simply place the Coir Mulch block in a wheelbarrow or large container and fill with approximately 24 litres of water
  2. Allow 20-30 minutes for the Coir Mulch to completely hydrate
  3. The Coir Mulch is now ready to use

How much do I need?

Our volume calculator can help you to work out how may bags of the product you will need. You'll need to know:

  • Length of your garden box or area
  • Width of you garden box or area
  • How deep you're going to lay the product
  • Which product and bag sizes you want to use

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How much do I need?

You'll need to know:

  • - length of your garden box or area
  • - width of your garden box or area
  • - how deep you're going with the product
  • - which product and bag size you want to use

All composts, garden mixes & lawn soils will settle when spread and watered so we recommend allowing for around 5-10% compaction when ordering

Conversion of 6 x 4ft trailer load to cubic metres:

1 x trailer load= 0.7 cubic metres
1 1/2 x trailer loads= 1 cubic metre
3 x trailer loads= 2 cubic metres
4 1/2 x trailer loads= 3 cubic metres

Volume Calculator

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Where to buy:
Daltons Coir Mulch 60L can be purchased from*
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