Controlled Release Fertiliser with 7in1 Organics

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New to the existing 7in1 range, Daltons Controlled Release Fertiliser takes the fuss and hassle out of monthly fertilising by delivering plant nutrients efficiently over a 6 month period. So gardeners can get on with other important jobs in the garden.

The combination of organic and controlled release nutrients in Daltons Controlled Release Fertiliser with 7in1 Organics provides all essential elements required to boost growth, yield and health. The organic ingredients also enhance microbial and earthworm activity and improve soil structure. Added Permawet® enhances soil wettability and water retention to enhance yield and growth in dry conditions.

  • Delivers plant nutrients efficiently over a 6 month period, according to a plant’s seasonal requirements.
  • Combines 7 organic ingredients into one granule, providing a natural supply of essential nutrients for immediate and long term plant growth and health.
  • Balanced, safe to use, good for the environment, ideal across all plant types and your garden will thrive on it!
Daltons Controlled Release Fertiliser with 7in1 Organics contains:

- Horse Manure
- Seaweed Extracts
- Mineral Gypsum
- Organic Matter
- Dolomite Lime
- Chicken Manure
- Sheep Manure


  • Controlled Release Fertiliser with 7in1 Organics 1.5kg
Prior to Planting 

Flowers and Vegetables:
Apply at the rate of 2 scoops per m2, distributing evenly. Mix thoroughly with existing soil.
If applying to furrow, apply ½ -1 scoop per meter distance and lightly cover with soil before sowing.

Tree and Shrubs:
Small to medium: 1-2 scoops per plant
Large: 3-4 scoops per plant
Mix with soil in planting hole and water in well after planting.

Established Gardens

Flowers and Vegetables: 
2-3 scoops per m2
Lightly fork into surface soil. 
Water in well after application. 
Avoid direct contact with foliage.

Tree and Shrubs: 
3-5 scoops per m2
Spread out to drip line. 
Water in well after application.


How much do I need?

Our volume calculator can help you to work out how may bags of the product you will need. You'll need to know:

  • Length of your garden box or area
  • Width of you garden box or area
  • How deep you're going to lay the product
  • Which product and bag sizes you want to use

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  • To improve soil structure and health, incorporate Daltons 7in1 Boosted Compost or Daltons Garden Mix into existing soil or planting hole.
  • Mulch with Daltons Mulch & Grow to supress weeds and retain moisture. 
Where to buy:
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