Big Value Lawn Fertiliser

Big Value Lawn Fertiliser

A balanced blend of fertilisers, including slow release fertiliser, to provide all essential nutrients to your lawn. 

  • Encourages lush thick, green growth.
  • Promotes healthy deep root development.
  • Assists disease resistance and discourage weeds.

Big Value Lawn Fertiliser is a blend of fertilisers plus essential trace elements including Iron, which combine to provide lush green growth and a healthy lawn. Regular application (every eight to twelve weeks) during periods of strong growth, spring and autumn, will give best results.

Big Value Lawn Fertiliser contains a slow release component that reduces growth flush after application and will continue to feed your lawn for two to three months.  

N:9  P:3  K:4 +1Fe

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How to use

Do not use on lawns until at least eight weeks after sowing.

Lawns from eight weeks to one year

Apply at 50 grams per square metre.

For established lawns

Apply at 100 grams per square metre.

  • For all applications spread evenly just prior to rain, or water in after application.
  • Best results will be obtained using a spreader applicator rather than broadcasting.
  • Sweep shoes and hard surfaces such as drives paths and pavers clear of any granules as staining can occur when granules are wet.  


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