Big Value Compost

Big Value Compost boosts growth by adding nutrient and organic matter to your garden. It also improves soil structure and drainage to help maintain moisture, encourage earthworm activity and improve soil health.


  • Big Value Compost 40L

Apply 15-20cm of compost on top of the garden and fork in to a depth of approximately 25cm, ensuring soil and compost are well mixed.

  • Daltons Big Value Compost should be dug in and mixed with existing soil. 
  • For creating a new garden or planting directly into the mix, we recommend using Daltons Premium Garden Mix or one of Daltons crop specific products.


How much do I need?

Our volume calculator can help you to work out how may bags of the product you will need. You'll need to know:

  • Length of your garden box or area
  • Width of you garden box or area
  • How deep you're going to lay the product
  • Which product and bag sizes you want to use
Where to buy:
Big Value Compost can be purchased from*
*Stores are indicative only. Please phone stores for confirmation of availability.