Big Value Blue Complete

  • Big Value Blue Complete Fertiliser 8kg
  • BigVal Fert Blue Complete 1.5kg vis B 1118

Big Value Blue Complete

Big Value Blue Complete is an advanced technology fertiliser delivering high quality nutrients in one homogeneous (N+P+K+TE) prill. It can be used safely across a wide range of crops to provide long lasting nutrient supply. It is an all purpose garden fertiliser for vegetables, strawberries, flowerbeds, fruit trees, citrus, roses, trees and  shrubs.

  • Safe all purpose garden fertiliser
  • Promotes vibrant, beautiful blooms and strong root growth
  • Quality balanced blend of nutrients
  • Delivers complete NPK nutrition plus trace elements in each prill.
  • Provides an extremely safe form of plant nutrient supply
  • Safe and easy to use, no dust formulation.
  • Supplies all nutrients for 2-3 months.
  • For new and existing flower and vegetable garden beds, trees and shrubs.
  • Perfect for vegetables, strawberries, flowers, roses, fruit trees and citrus, trees and shrubs.

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How to use

Application guide

1 metric cup = 300grams

One adult handful = approx. 70grams

At Planting

(Such as vegetable gardens and flower beds.)

Apply to ground at a rate of 100grams (1/3 metric cup) per m2. Spread evenly, avoiding direct contact with foliage. Dig in lightly if possible and water in well.

For Established Gardens

(Such as fruit trees.)

Apply to ground at a rate of 200grams (2/3 metric cup) per square metre. Spread evenly, avoiding direct contact with foliage and water in well.

Topdress on Plants

Add 1½ grams per litre of the container. Spread evenly around top of container avoiding direct contact with foliage, and water in well.

Note: If the soil is low in organic matter, an application of Big Value Compost is recommended to enhance the soil structure. 

N:12  P:3.5  K:13  Mg:1.8

Tips and know how

For a beautiful garden all season long water regularly and reapply every 2-3 months.

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