Besgrow Hydro Mat

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Besgrow Sphagnum moss is recognised worldwide as a premium product for the Orchid growing, floristy and landscaping industries. All Besgrow Spagmoss products are harvested from carefully managed New Zealand Sustainable swamps.

This product is the perfect solution for over-coming coastal planting or anywhere where soils are sandy. When placed at the bottom of the hole at planting the Hydromat will improve the soils moisture holding and the organic matter level. Providing a water reservoir for healthy plant growth.

  • Natural renewable resource
  • Produced on the West Coast of NZ
  • Provides a natural water reservoir for plants
  • Improves soil organic matter
  • Perfect for sandy soils


  • Besgrow Hydro Mat 4 Pack
  1. Place Hydro Mat in plant hole and hydrate with water
  2. Place plant on top of Hydro Mat
  3. Fill hole with soil or potting mix and water
  4. Place a Besgrow Coir Weed Mat around of the base of the plant to help with weed suppression and moisture retention