7in1 Citrus & Fruit Mix

7in1 Citrus & Fruit Mix

7in1 Citrus & Fruit Mix can be used as a planting mix or as a complete container mix. 7in1 Citrus & Fruit Mix contains controlled release fertilisers for immediate and continuing nutrient and trace element availability for up to 10 months.

  • Boosted organic nutrient supply from Daltons unique 7in1 Fert Pellets.
  • Contains a complete range of controlled release nutrients for long term feeding.
  • Extra potassium for increased fruit production.
  • Added magnesium for improved leaf health.
  • Contains wetting agent for improved moisture distribution.
  • 100% Weed free.
7in1 Citrus & Fruit Mix contains:

- Horse Manure
- Seaweed Extracts
- Mineral Gypsum
- Organic Matter
- Blood and Bone
- Chicken Manure
- Sheep Manure

7in1 Fert Pellets are an all in one, pelletised source of essential plant nutrients. These high analysis pellets have been formulated by our horticultural experts to deliver a slow release supply of organic nutrients. 

Zeolite Nutrient Sponge

Zeolite, nature’s nutrient sponge, absorbs and stores excess nutrients. Plant roots then extract these nutrients from the Zeolite as required, allowing for a more efficient uptake resulting in increased crop yield and reduced leaching.

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How to use

At planting

Dig a hole to twice the size of the root ball and half fill with 7in1 Citrus & Fruit Mix. Gently place plant in the hole so it is at correct level and fill up with 7in1 Citrus & Fruit Mix, gently firming around the plant.

Pots and patio tubs

7in1 Citrus & Fruit Mix can be used in large pots and patio tubs. Fill ⅓ of the container with 7in1 Citrus & Fruit Mix and place plant gently on top of mix. Fill the rest of the container and firm around plant, then water well.

Existing fruit trees  

Apply 7in1 Citrus & Fruit Mix at a depth of 5-10cm around existing fruit trees to add nutrients, prevent weeds, improve moisture retention and help keep an even soil temperature. Leave at least a 5-10cm gap around the base of the plant.

Tips and know how

After planting, mulch with 7in1 Mulch & Grow for improved growth.

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