Planting Guide


Your Summer Gardening Tips!

Fill the saucers of potted plants with sand and keep the sand moist so the roots stay cool and are not sitting in water. Apply mulch, water in the early morning or evening, and water the ground not the leaves. – Carol Hastings

Keeping ahead of the weeds- every time you walk around your garden, if you see a weed, pull it out. You enjoy weeding this way rather than half a days weeding or longer. – Shirley Johnson

When running a tap to get hot/cold water run the waste water into a jug and use it for your garden. – Laura Neilson

We are on tank water so we use the water from the last rinse cycle on the washing machine for our plants. – Annie Mansfield

Mixing taller veges eg corn, and flowers, eg lilies, with younger or smaller ones as provide shade and shelter from winds. – Mary Ann Lamont

Stand potted plants in trays of water if your going to be away for more than a couple of days. – Gillian Hooper

Rather than watering a little bit but often (e.g. a few minutes a day), water less often but for much longer (e.g 1 -2 hours once or twice a week). The water doesn't evaporate as much and sinks into the soil to where plants can access it, and encourages deeper root growth. – Lisa Bennett

To stop your peppers, tomatoes, young beans, etc ripening too quickly with the intensity of the sun you can cool things down with cloth shade covers. – Sarah Blair

Any water my children use at this time of year or paddling pool, gets reused to water the veg garden. Applied by the children themselves who love transporting the water to the garden. – Tania Pearson

Care for your garden like you would your children. Check it every day. Water regularly, automatic irrigation helps, and keep picking before fruit and veg are overgrown. – Deboarah Grace

Pop some headphones on and listen to music whilst watering the garden and weeding as you go. Plus mulch mulch mulch! – Candice Harris

Keeping all plants removed of deadheads to renew and replenish itself to keep flowering for the beautiful display and to look after our special bees doing a wonderful job. – Cheryl Finn

I have found that if I insert plastic milk bottles into the garden close to crops and fill them with water instead of directly onto the plant it helps eliminates diseases while giving them a deep watering where they need it - in the roots. – Carol Heena

Free water! We bought another water tank and connected it to the house down-pipe. Our other one is out the back by the vege garden and rainwater from the garage is collected in this. The second tank is out of sight, at the back of the house, but close to garden pots. We water just before sun-down and don't need to walk too far to re-fill the watering can. Best of all, it's free water and taps can be turned off during heavy rainfall. – Olga Baker