Tips for Tasty Tomato Crops

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Tips for Tasty Tomato Crops

Tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes and are delicious straight out of your own garden. The best crops come from plants that are well cared for. Here are some tips to get the best crops this season.  

  1. Soil and site are key. Tomatoes do best in a warm, sunny, sheltered site and into soil that has been enriched by copious amounts of compost.
  2. Tomatoes require a lot of water, especially around fruiting time and during hotter months. For healthy fruit, water plants deeply two to three times a week, regardless of rainfall. 
  3. Water at the base of the plant and avoid getting the foliage wet as this can encourage fungal diseases.
  4. Feed your tomato plants with Garden Time Tomato Fertiliser every 3-4 weeks right throughout the growing period. 
  5. Add a good layer of mulch around plants to help conserve water and keep moisture in the soil.
  6. Irregular watering can lead to black bottom where the base of the developing tomatoes starts rotting. 
  7. Watch out for green shield bugs that burrow into the young tomato plants. Inspect plants regularly and remove young bugs to keep populations in control.
  8. For better air circulation through your tomato plants remove laterals and cut off lower or surplus leaves as required. This lessens the chances of blight developing.



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