Planting Guide


Tips for a Flourishing Summer Garden

- December 2015 -

Summer Gardening - Mulching is your mantra!

Check out some of our top easy summer care tips to help you look after your garden this summer:

For those with irrigation systems; do a maintenance check and make sure all sprinkler heads are operating well and the timer has been set to suit the summer weather. Ideally it is better to have the system operating in the cooler part of the day. For those without irrigation, it is worth having a plan and asking family members or neighbours now about watering and checking the garden while you are away.

Don’t forget about your indoor plants as they can suffer as temperatures inside intensify. Increase watering and if necessary, reposition your plants – avoiding placing them too  close to sunny windows.

In your veggie garden keep staking and training cucumber, beans and tomatoes. Continue succession plantings of quick maturing vegetables, lettuce, dwarf beans and radishes. Check plants regularly for insects, especially caterpillars. Flower gardens should be well established by now. Keep up the dead heading to encourage further flowering – this also applies to roses. For fruit trees, apply a final application of Daltons Goldcote Fruit and Citrus Tree Fertiliser for the year and water it in well. Berries should be coming into fruiting, so pick them daily when they are in peak condition. Many annual herbs run to seed very quickly in mid-summer so trim plants regularly and make repeat plantings of your favourite varieties.

Don’t let your lawns dry out in the early part of summer, especially if it is dry in your area. Irrigate at night to reduce the loss of water in hot summer days.

For potted plants, choose plants that thrive in hot, dry conditions e.g. Portulacas. Keep all potted plants watered well so they do not become stressed, especially those that require lots of water. Ensure they have a good layer of Daltons Mulch and Feed on top to help with water loss.