November - Spring Gardening Tasks

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November - Spring Gardening Tasks

Summer is around the corner!

With houseplants in active growth, it’s time to apply fertiliser! To provide a slow-release of fertiliser, pop a Daltons Premium Houseplant Tab into the pot. Older houseplants may require repotting - consider the size of the new pot to allow for future root growth.

Older houseplants, or those that have outgrown their pots may require repotting - consider the size of the new pot to allow for future root growth. Always use fresh potting mix specifically developed for indoor plants to provide perfect drainage and nutrients. Flowering houseplants like Kalanchoes and Chrysanthemums are now an available and brighten up the home.

Veggie patch
The summer vegetables planted last month will be rapidly growing. Continue with plantings of beans, beetroot, cabbage, celery, corn, cucumber, courgettes, lettuce, peas, pumpkin, radish, spring onions, spinach, tomatoes, silver beet and zucchini. Consider planting Asian greens like bok choy - they mature quickly and are very tasty! Inspect your vegetable plants regularly for signs of pests and diseases, especially slugs and snails that are already very active. Water plants when required to ensure steady, strong growth and apply a thick layer of mulch to improve water retention and reduce weeds. 

Summer flowering annuals
By mid-November, many varieties will already be in flower. Continue plantings of flowering summer annuals throughout the month, alyssum, ageratum, aster, cornflower, cosmos, marigold, nemesia, phlox, portulacas, petunias, salvias and zinnias. Water when required, but don’t overwater as summer annuals have adapted to drier conditions. 

Strawberry Patch
A rewarding month for those with a strawberry patch. Time to harvest fresh, ripe, juicy berries from your own garden! Ensure here is a good layer of pea straw or bark mulch around the plants to create a ‘clean bed’ for the strawberries. Continue light watering when required, but don’t overwater. 

Fruit trees
Apply a second side dressing of Garden Time Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser, as all fruit trees are now in active growth. Mulching around all fruit trees is highly beneficial, as it helps reduce water loss and suppress weeds. Continue harvesting Seminole tangelos. 

Roses are looking stunning this month. Bushes are in full flower, and they should have remained disease-free. If you do notice signs of disease or pests – spray immediately. Remember once you commit to spraying, you must follow a regular regime throughout the season. Keep applying Daltons Premium Rose and Flower Fertiliser every 4-6 weeks and water it in well. 

The perfect time for the first trimming of hedges, now that the first ‘flush’ of growth has finished. To maintain a dense, bushy hedge, it is recommended that the ‘little and often’ approach is taken, rather than the twice-yearly major ‘chop’. Hedges are often ignored apart from trimming, and by regular watering and fertilising, a very attractive, effective hedge can be achieved and maintained. 

Ornamental trees and shrubs
Fertilise all plants with Daltons Premium Tree & Shrub Fertiliser. With plants that may suffer during hot summer days, start mulching now with crushed bark. This improves water retention with the bonus of helping suppress weeds. 

Herb garden
All herbs should be thriving, and basil can now safely be planted. Add extra specimens or frequently used herbs (e.g. chives and parsley) so you have plenty on hand. Harvest your herbs regularly as this promotes fresh new growth. 

Depending on the weather, November is regarded as the last ‘safe’ month for sowing a new lawn or patching an existing lawn. Based on the past two summers, it is simply too hot and dry to attempt sowing lawns after this month. With existing lawns this is the last month for applying lawn fertiliser - recommence again in March 2022. Water thoroughly after fertilising the lawn. Irrigate lawns where water supply allows to help encourage strong, consistent grass growth. 

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