Get Your Garden Ready

  • Start with a clean slate by doing a general garden tidy up and removing any remains of old summer crops. Soil is absolutely critical to the success of any garden. Dig over your tired soil from last season and work in plenty of Daltons Compost. This will revitalise the soil by improving organic matter, nutrient content and microbial activity. For best results do this about 1-2 weeks before planting.
  • You can either grow your winter vegetables indoors from seed in trays and plant out later, or buy the seedlings you want from your local garden centre and plant them directly into the garden. Choose cold loving brassica vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and other winter favourites like beetroot, silverbeet and spinach. A rule of thumb when sowing and germinating winter veg is to plant the seed as deep as the size of the seed, e.g. a 1cm size seed should be planted 1cm deep. Various seeds take different lengths of time and conditions to germinate and it’s important to plant them at the correct time of year – check seed packets for guidance.
  • After the hot months of summer, your lawn may need a little TLC. Fertilise, tackle any brown patches or even sow a new lawn while the soil is still warm. Your hard work now means a lush, healthy lawn come spring. Apply lawn fertiliser every 4-5 weeks from now until late April and oversow any bare or brown patches in the lawn with Daltons Premium Lawn Patching Gold.
  • The best time to plant new bulbs or re-plant existing ones is in autumn. Make sure you choose a nice, sunny, well drained site. There is a huge array of spring bulbs to choose from, like tulips, freesias, anemomes, hyacinths and of course, daffodils.
  • If you are planning on planting trees, autumn/early winter is ideal as they have time to establish a good root system before summer. If you want to grow fruit trees but don’t have a lot of space, there are many dwarf varieties you can grow in pots. Always select varieties that suit your climate.
  • Citrus trees are gross feeders so to ensure healthy crops, apply Daltons Citrus & Fruit Fert now to trees in the garden or in containers through to mid-April. Always make sure whenever applying fertiliser that you follow the quantities on the packet, apply it out to the tree drip line and water it in well.
  • For rose lovers, it’s also a good time to browse catalogues and plan ahead. Assess your garden, replace any existing roses that have not flowered well or have been prone to diseases during the season. Remove old flowers to encourage new flowering growth and enjoy a final autumn display. Do not over fertilise existing plants during this period, and remember to mulch.