Osmocote ICL Coated Fertilisers


Osmocote revolutionised the fertilizer market in 1967 with the first generation of Osmocote coated fertilizers. In the 50 years since its launch, Osmocote has become a trusted product that is used by thousands of growers around the world. ICL Specialty Fertilizers is proud that the essence of coated fertilizers is more relevant today than ever. At the same time, new technologies have been fully embraced to make new release patterns and other unique features a reality so that we can continue to meet the needs of growers. Now and in the future. 

Whatever your needs as a professional grower, you’ll find an Osmocote solution to match your situation and your crops.

Trust in proven performance

Choosing Osmocote coated fertilizers means choosing proven performance for the best results for your crops. A coated fertilizer must do what you expect from it. It needs to be predictable and consistent in its performance for good results. Over decades, Osmocote has proven to be worthy of your trust. Our years of experience, tried and tested coatings, pure and best quality raw materials used in our products and continuous quality control are the pillars of this trust. This is what you can expect from us at ICL Specialty Fertilizers: guaranteed high-quality crops and the best return on investment for your business.

The quality of your plants is guaranteed thanks to optimum growth. Plants grow better because Osmocote provides them with the nutrients they need exactly at the moment they need them. This gradual nutrient supply ensures that plants experience less disease pressure and can grow into vital, healthy specimens. The plants even keep their vitality and health when they are delivered to the consumer. This is yet another benefit that comes from the continued release of nutrients from Osmocote fertilizers… customer satisfaction!

Be in control of your plants - Rely on Osmocote Exact

Osmocote Exact Standard Osmocote Exact Lo.Start Osmocote Exact Hi.End Osmocote Exact Protect Osmocote Exact High K
  • Continuous nutrition during the growth season.
  • All-round application: suitable for all crop types and many situations.
  • Available in longevities: 3-4M, 5-6M, 8-9M and 12-14M.


  • Longevity 16-18M.
  • Relatively low nutrient release during first months after application.
  • Suitable for sensitive crops.





  • Less nutrition at the start of the growth cycle, more nutrition after postponed start.
  • Ideal for plants with higher nutrient demands in the later growth phases.
  • Very efficient thanks to perfect match of nutrient availability and the plants’ needs.
  • Available in longevities: 5-6M, 8-9M and 12-14M.
  • Up to three months postponed start of nutrient release, depending on the longevity.
  • Specially developed for autumn and winter pottings.
  • Ideal for situations where low EC levels are required after potting.
  • Available in 12-14M.



  • Steady and efficient NPK release during the season. N:K ratio potassium-based.
  • For compact plant growth or in case of irrigation water containing nitrogen.
  • Available in longevities: 5-6M, 8-9M.






The 8 guarantees of Osmocote Exact

The safest Osmocote ever

1. Consistency

Osmocote Exact's longevities and nutrient release patterns are guaranteed year by year, month by month, bag by bag. You know exactly what you buy and what your plants receive. As a grower, you are in control and can rest assured that the fertilizers will not cause surprises during the season.


2. Safety in release

What’s in Osmocote, also comes out. Not all fertilizers release trace elements sufficiently, but Osmocote gets each and every element where it needs to act.

Safety release.jpg

3. Safety against chemicals

Osmocote’s resin coating is resistant against all kinds of plant protection products and wetting agents.

Safety against chemicals.jpg

4. Safety in high and low pH levels

A special process in the production of Osmocote secures the availability of trace elements for your crops, even when pH levels in the growing medium rise during the growth cycle.

Safety in high and low ph levels.jpg

5. Safety through colour coding

Each Osmocote Exact longevity has its own colour for easy recognition. About 4% of the granules in a bag are
colour coded according to longevity: red for 3-4 months, brown for 5-6 months, blue for 8-9 months and yellow for 12-14 months. This colour coding system avoids mistakes and makes it easy to tell if the right product has been added to the substrate.

Safety through colour coding.jpg

6. Safety in plant hole dibbling

Osmocote Exact granules are uniform in size, which makes them perfect for dibbling with dosage machines. Less abrasion and bruising ensure longer operational times and interferencefree function of the equipment.

Safety in plan hole dibbling.jpg

7. Low release rate during the first stage of cultivation

Our patented Osmocote coating technology and the use of only the best raw materials ensure even granules and a safe release of fewer nutrients during the first stage of cultivation. Thanks to Osmocote Exact’s low initial release rate it is suitable for numerous cultures, even ones grown in greenhouses or tunnels.

Low release rate during first stage.jpg

8. Safety in heat

Osmocote Exact has even proved its performance in extremely difficult circumstance. With temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius, Osmocote Exact’s nutrient release remained secure and controlled. The laboratory trials from spring 2000 support the manufacturer’s claims according to a research article on Osmocote’s nutrient release published by the Fachhochschule Osnabrück in Germany. ‘All Osmocote Exact product types release the nutrients gradually and evenly, even in severe temperature fluctuations. (Prof. Dr. Schacht 5/2003).

Safety in heat C.jpg

The Osmocote working principles

Osmocote are coated fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Working principles 1.jpg
Working principles 2.jpg
Working principles 3.jpg
Working principles 4.jpg
Working principles 5.jpg
Working principles 6.jpg

Every granule is
covered by an
organic resin
coating that
regulates the
daily release of
nutrients to the


Granules contain
NPK, B, Cu, Fe,
Mn, Mo and Zn.





Water penetrates
the coating and
dissolves the
nutrients inside
the granule.




releases the
through the
granule coating.



Influenced by
the nutrients
are released at a
constant, regular
and controlled
rate during
the longevity.
Effective and

Once empty,
the coating
breaks down.






Osmocote fertilizers are available in five different longevities: 3-4, 5-6, 8-9, 12-14 and 16-18 months. So there is an Osmocote for every situation and crop type. The colour coding on the packaging indicates the longevity. Osmocote Exact and Osmocote Exact DCT products also contain colour tracers for easy recognition. This ensures you always add the fertilizer with the correct longevity to your substrate!

Osmocote Longevity B.jpg

The fertilizer ingredients and the thickness of the coating determine the longevity. The longevities in turn apply to an average temperature of 21°C. Higher temperatures accelerate the nutrient release, while lower temperatures slow it down.

Average temperature influence on longevity
16°C 21°C 26°C
6-7 Months 5-6 Months 4-5 Months


Other factors such as salt levels, pH of the substrate, microbial activity, water quality and rainfall do not influence the nutrient release, making Osmocote the most reliable coated fertilizer.