Garden Time Seafeed Range

Drawing on over 70 years’ experience of developing high-quality gardening products for New Zealand home- gardeners and commercial growers, Daltons are proud to announce their first step into liquid products with their new seaweed range, Garden Time Seafeed. The benefits of seaweed are not limited to humans - it’s like liquid gold for the garden.

The new Garden Time Seafeed range includes four different seaweed derived liquid products, plus Garden Time Liquid Feed fertiliser, with other products planned for the near future. The product range has been developed using New Zealand natural seaweed sustainably sourced from Marlborough and combined with vitamins, and macro and micro nutrients ensuring that gardeners get the best out of every single application.

Garden Time Seafeed 1L
This all-purpose, liquid natural bio stimulant and plant-guard promotes healthy plant growth and resilience in all gardens. It can be used every day, any time of the year.

Garden Time Seafeed Plus NPK 1L
This ultimate combination of Seaweed and macronutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (NPK), packs a punch and promotes rapid growth of all flower, fruit and vegetable plants with bumper crops come harvest time.

Garden Time Seafeed Plus Calcium 1L
The added calcium to this seaweed mix promotes plant strength by enhancing plant cell wall absorption and nutrient uptake. It also aids fruit and flower production and is perfect for fruit trees and bulbs.

Garden Time Seafeed Plus Iron 1L
This seaweed blend with extra Iron boosts chlorophyll production for lovely dark, green foliage and tackles iron deficiencies. Ideal for growing luscious green lawns.

Last but not least in the range is the new liquid fertiliser, Garden Time Liquid Feed 1L
This high-quality formula is safe to use all year round and combines NPK, trace elements and NZ Natural seaweed to boost growth and maintain plant health. It also increases plant resistance to stress from drought, heat, frost and disease – a must have in current climates.

All of the Seafeed products can be applied directly to foliage or soil using a watering can or low-pressure spray or through irrigation systems once mixed as instructed on the product label. The new liquid seaweed products expand the already successful Garden Time range which include growing media and fertiliser and are available exclusively at Bunnings stores nationwide.