Garden Time Range

Every gardener craves a flourishing, bountiful garden, whether it is grown in the ground or in containers. Daltons have just released a comprehensive new range called GARDEN TIME™ that has everything home gardeners need to get stuck-in, regardless of garden type. The cost effective range is exclusive to Bunnings and is a great option for gardeners who want to take the next step their gardening success.  

There is something for every gardening task; GARDEN TIME™ Potting Mix, Planting Mix, Compost, Complete Garden Fertiliser, Landscape Bark, and Play Sand for the kids. Also, available is the New Zealand first GARDEN TIME™ Chicken and Sheep Pellets. And more recently GARDEN TIME™ Vegetable Mix, Strawberry Mix and Tomato Mix. 

The products are based on recipes which are used by commercial growers throughout New Zealand. 

Colin Parker, General Manager of Daltons, said; “We are delighted to launch this new range at Bunnings. We love what we do and constantly strive to produce quality products for Kiwi gardeners, so they can get the best out of their garden in all seasons.”