Daltons Controlled Release Fertiliser with 7in1 Organics

Like other products in the 7in1 range which are exclusive to The Warehouse, the new Controlled Release Fertiliser contains a nutrient rich blend of sheep, horse and chicken manure, Blood & Bone, organic matter, dolomite lime, and seaweed extracts. Using specialised manufacturing techniques, these 7 ingredients have been combined into one unique pellet. The wetting agent Zeolite (natures own nutrient sponge) is also included, so plants can easily access and store these valuable nutrients. 

Whether you are a veggie gardener, flower gardener, or both, the versatile Daltons Controlled Release Fertiliser is packed with everything your garden needs to flourish. Safe and easy to use, it is non-toxic, child and pet-friendly, and can be applied to all plant types in the garden to stimulate strong healthy growth, bumper crops and blooms.

Available in 1.5kg tubs.