Daltons are suppliers of ICL. ICL Specialty Fertilizers offers a range of specialty products that includes innovative technologies such as controlled and slow release fertilisers and a leading range of solubles for the specialty agricultural market. In the ornamental and turf & amenity market we complete our offer with plant protection products and growth enhancers.

Osmocote ICL Coated Fertilisers

Choosing Osmocote® coated fertilisers means choosing proven performance for the best results for your crops. A coated fertiliser must do what you expect from it. It needs to be predictable and consistent in its performance for good results. Over decades, Osmocote® has proven to be worthy of your trust. 

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Osmocote® Pro
Osmocote® Exact
Osmocote® Exact DCT

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Ornamental Horticulture

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ICL Specialty Fertiliser’s ornamental horticulture range leads the way in innovative technology that results in advanced solutions and the highest quality fertilisers.

  • Osmocote®
  • Osmocote® Pro - 2nd Generation
  • Osmocote® Exact - 3rd Generation
  • Osmocote® Exact DCT - 4th Generation
  • Osmocote® Blends - Fusion
  • Osmocote® BlueMax
  • Osmocote® Bloom
  • Osmocote® Start
  • Osmocote® Iron
  • Osmocote® CalMag


Ornamental Horticulture
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  • H2Pro Greenhouse and Nursery Liquid
  • H2Pro Greenhouse and Nursery Granular

  • H2Flo

Image: ICL H2Flo
For more information visit: www.icl-sf.com

ICL Surfactants 

Plant Protection Products

  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides

  • Insecticides

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Plant Protection Products

Specialty Agriculture

ICL Specialty Fertilizers has developed specialized fertiliser products that match your application technique: foliar, drip or soil applied. The product ranges for Specialty Agriculture are divided according to these techniques. From exclusive controlled release technology to high-quality fertigation feeding and fast and effective foliar feeding, ICL has a nutritional solution that fits your production system.

  • Controlled release fertilizers
  • Fertigation fertilizers
  • Foliar Fertilizers
  • Soil Surfactants

For more information visit: www.icl-sf.com

Specialty Agriculture