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Warming Winter Stew!


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This recipe is called ‘Solyanka’. In its original form, it is a Russian meat stew. However, in the 70’s, it appeared in the iconic moosewood cookbook by Molle Katzen, as a vegetable casserole. It makes excellent use of cabbage and silver-beet, rather craftily disguised. It tastes good, is a family favourite and great for using up leftovers.

I have revised it a little, adding egg yolks to enrich it somewhat and silver-beet as well, which along with cabbage, is in plentiful supply in our garden at present. You will have the entire family enjoying cabbage and silver-beet which are usually pushed to the side of the plate by younger family members... and all for under $10!


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Solyanka Stew from Plantation

An Autumn update, from Judith Dalton


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Welcome to Autumn... and with it some cooler temperatures in the morning and hopefully some rain!

What a great summer we have had but what a hard summer when it comes to growing – so hot and so dry. We have been watering as much as we can – thankfully we have our own bore as with weddings etc the gardens need to be as good as they possibly can. We are trying to keep our roses going as the wedding season isn’t over yet!

We have harvested many vegetables and the last of our strawberries were used last weekend – beginning of March which is pretty awesome. So now we are into apples, nectarines etc with the persimmons and feijoas lining up shortly, so no shortage of work in the foreseeable future. 

Seeing as apples are in abundance right now, we thought we would share Amy’s Apple cake with you, which is a delightful change when you want something different (and if you can eat it warm - oh my goodness….).

Also we will have a prolific amount of persimmons soon and they really are under-rated! So many think they don’t like them….until they try the jam which can be used on toast or scones, on cheesecakes or in muffins – the list is endless.

So try these out and see how you go – I’m sure you will enjoy them – we do!


We'd love to see you at the Daltons Plantation gardens and cafe. Visit our website for more information.


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