Water restrictions


Water restrictions

With the new changes in Christchurch where we will be charged for using excess water, how would you recommend keeping my raised garden beds evenly watered during hot summers? 

There are a number of actions you can take to reduce the summer water bill! Always water in the cooler parts of the day, i.e. early morning or late afternoon. Mulch around existing plants with crushed bark or compost - this will significantly reduce water loss from the soil on hot, sunny days. 

When planting a new crop always add fresh compost to the existing soil, the additional organic matter in the soil improves the water-holding capacity of the soil. Add in some Daltons Water Storage Crystals at the same time - they help reduce water wastage and protect plants and soils from drying out. They act as a water retainer by absorbing and retaining large quantities of water and nutrients and slowly releasing them back into the soil. 

Out of interest, monitor your watering, when applied, how much and for what period of time. By fine-tuning your irrigation, the maximum benefit can be achieved at a reasonable cost.

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