Rust my garlic, silverbeet, onions, spinach


Rust my garlic, silverbeet, onions, spinach

How do I prevent rust on my garlic, silverbeet, onions, spinach etc? 

Rust can be a difficult problem to deal with in the vegetable garden, especially when there are warm, moist conditions which create a perfect micro-climate for disease. It also affects many other plants like herbs (chives), roses, and fruit trees.

  • Monitor your garden regularly and inspect plants for early signs of rust, which may appear as small orange or yellow spots and address quickly to limit the spread.
  • To prevent or at least delay the onset of rust, follow these tips:
  • Position the vegetable garden where there is adequate air movement and rotate the position of your crops each year.
  • Plant young seedlings further apart than usual to ensure the flow of air around the vegetable plants is optimal.
  • At the first sign of infection remove the lower leaves, especially of silver beet and spinach, as they are usually the first ones infected.
  • Practice good garden hygiene by removing any dead or diseased weeds, leaves or plants – do not put them in the compost bin as they can harbour fungal diseases and pests that can re-infect your plants.
  • Avoid getting leaves wet as this can promote the spread of diseases, aim for the root zone instead.
  • Apply mulch around the base of your plants to reduce splashing spores from the soil onto plants.
  • Always remove any weeds at first sight – the sooner the better – as they may harbour disease or pests.

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