Preparing for Planting Tomatoes

Preparing for Planting Tomatoes

How can I optimally prepare my soil for planting tomatoes this spring? I have quite sandy soil. With the cost so high I want to harvest a huge crop I can freeze for sauces next winter! 

A sandy soil is always a good starting point for the cultivation of vegetables as it ensures good drainage. Choose the site for your tomatoes carefully, full sun and shelter from strong winds. Add generous amounts of Garden Time Compost to the existing soil before planting your tomatoes - this will improve both the retention of water and nutrients. 

Position the stakes in the ground firmly before planting time so you don’t disturb the roots later on. In Christchurch, mid-October would be the earliest time for planting tomatoes. Decide what varieties you wish to grow, traditional beefsteak and money-maker are always reliable croppers, but there are many other varieties you might like to try. 

As the plants mature apply side dressings of Garden Time Tomato Fertiliser or Daltons Premium Vege & Herb Fertiliser and water it in well. 


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