Potted Edible Plants

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Potted Edible Plants

Can you suggest what edible plants would be suitable to grow in pots on my north facing deck and the correct soil mix. 

When cultivating any plants in pots it’s important to use the correct growing medium. Potting mix or container mix is specially formulated to provide moisture-retaining qualities and delivers well-balanced controlled-release nutrients for healthy plant growth. 

All herbs thrive in pots that are placed in a north-facing position so would be ideal to grow. If the container is a reasonable size, then vegetables such as dwarf beans, dwarf tomatoes, spinach, kale, beetroot and radishes can all be successfully grown. While new potting or container mix does include essential plant fertilisers for up to nine months, supplementary applications of Garden Time Fertiliser are also beneficial for your vegetable container plants. Remember to renew the planting mix each growing season.

A few fruit trees can also grow well in large containers including, blueberries, lemons, limes, and red guavas.  

Pot and container plants dry out very easily, so water them thoroughly every other day, rather than a quick sprinkle every night. Always increase watering frequency during the hot summer months. If you go away, ask a neighbour to water your containers or put them under trees where there is dappled light, so they don’t dry out as quickly.

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