Poor Growing Conditions

Poor Growing Conditions

What is going on in my garden this summer? Healthy tomato plants but few flowers set and very slow to ripen. Ditto the scarlet runners - so few beans. Radish - all bolted with no edible radishes. Spinach bolted. Stunted corn cobs and courgettes which set and then wither at about 5cm long. But great carrots and turnips. It’s not lack of water - I’ve watered very regularly with soak hoses.

You are not alone! Many are experiencing very poorly producing veggie gardens. This summer has been an extremely difficult season both for commercial orchardists and market gardeners, as well as the backyard enthusiast. A very poor spring with heavy rain, low temperatures and often strong winds made it very difficult for early crops to become established and conditions have not improved significantly until February.

Cloudy skies, high winds, and at times very high temperatures all contribute to poor fruit or veggie set. Plants may appear to be growing strongly, however, they often produce small quantities of mature vegetables.

There is no simple solution except to continue planting and hope that eventually normal summer conditions will arrive. Regular daily watering in the cooler part of the day and light applications of Daltons Goldcote Vegetable & Herb Fertiliser will help maintain the plants in full health.

Additional artificial wind break may need to be installed if your garden is particularly exposed to strong prevailing winds.

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