Macrocarpa Planter Boxes

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Macrocarpa Planter Boxes

We have made three macrocarpa planter beds. Should we line these beds in heavy black plastic first or just fill the beds up with soil/compost? Any suggestions for our first planting would also be appreciated. 

Line the sides only of your macrocarpa planters with heavy black plastic. This will help prevent rotting of the macrocarpa wood, at least in the short to medium term. Do NOT place the plastic on the ground as this will hinder drainage from your planter and prevent the movement of micro-organisms from the existing soil into your new compost. Fill your planters with a combination of Daltons Garden Mix and Daltons Compost which provides a nutrient rich, well-drained growing medium. 

While it is late in the season, you could still plant strawberries to fruit this summer, try a variety called Temptation. If planting raspberries, hopefully, one of your planters is against a wall or fence, as the raspberry canes need to be tied up. Alternatively grow them on rows of wires stretched between two posts. Raspberries do spread by underground runners and could take over, especially if you are thinking of growing them with other plants. It would be better to reserve one of the planters purely for growing your raspberries in.

It’s still a little early for planting traditional summer vegetables - wait till the end of October. However, all herbs can be safely planted now along with all-year-round vegetables like beetroot, kale, silver beets, spinach, and carrots.

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