Growing Wisteria

Growing Wisteria

I have tried 3 times now to grow Wisteria in my garden with no success. My garden is very dry in the summer and is surrounded by many trees.  I would love to have this plant growing on my fences. 

Sorry to hear you have been unsuccessful in cultivating the climber wisteria. However do not despair; this is the ideal time for planting a new wisteria as it gives time for the plant to become well established before the onset of dry conditions in summer.

When planting, add copious amounts of compost to your existing soil and choose a position which has adequate light, noting that wisterias will grow and flower happily in dabbled light conditions. Possibly the most important task will be watering the plant through the first and possibly second summers when you have experienced problems before. Deep watering twice a week is essential to help get your young wisteria through the dry months. Once established, your wisteria will need little or no attention, apart from training on a fence or trellis and pruning to enhance the flowering wood.

Mulching the plant from late November through till the beginning of autumn (March/April) will help retain soil moisture around your young wisteria.

A handy hint for growing wisteria is to plant more than one climber of different species, such as Chinese and Japanese wisteria, as this will lengthen the flowering time you can enjoy. 

A light side dressing of GArden Time All Purpose Fertiliser in spring will be beneficial though not absolutely essential as the wisteria is often regarded as vigorous growers.

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