Growing Tomatoes


Growing Tomatoes

Are cherry tomato plants better grown in pots? If so, which variety would you recommend, and should it be one plant per pot or can I add more? 

While cherry tomatoes can be successfully grown in pots, because these plants are quite vigorous in their growth, ideally, they are better grown in the garden where they have unlimited area for the roots to develop. However, if you have limited space and want to grow them in pots/containers, they should be of a substantial size, with only one plant per pot.

It's important to note that when growing any vegetables in containers/pots, always start with fresh potting or container mix – try Garden Time Tomato Mix for your cherry tomatoes. Be very attentive to regular watering as potted plants dry out quickly and apply additional fertiliser during the growing season.

There are numerous cherry tomato varieties now available. Sweet 100, an old favourite, remains a very reliable, heavy-cropping variety. Kings Seeds also have a range of cherry tomato varieties to try and there are also dwarf varieties available. We would recommend delaying planting until near the end of October / early-mid November when the weather should be warmer and more settled.

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