Growing Kaffir Limes

Growing Kaffir Limes

I use kaffir lime leaves a lot in Thai cooking but my plant’s leaves have become quite yellow and speckly looking. How can I help it?

Yellowing leaves on your kaffir lime is very typical of many citrus trees at this time of the year. It is symptomatic of a nutrient deficiency, especially nitrogen.

As ‘gross feeders’, citrus respond very well to regular applications of citrus fertiliser. Apply Daltons Goldcote Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser out to the drip line every 4-6 weeks from early October as soil and air temperatures rise, through till  Christmas. Recommence applications from late February through to mid-April which will help avoid this problem occurring again next season.

Adding fresh Daltons Garden Time Compost around the base of your tree during the growing season will also improve the organic content of your soil and help with nutrient retention in the soil.

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