Growing fruit trees in pots

Fruit Tree in container

Growing fruit trees in pots

I rent, so all of my garden is in pots and containers in case I have to move. Are there any fruit trees that I can grow in pots? I would love to grow plums, apricots, apples, nectarines, feijoa (I better stop there). Are there any places selling fruit trees that I should be talking to?

Fruit trees such as pip and stone fruit which includes apples, apricots, nectarines, peaches, and plums have vigorous root systems that require far more space than what is available in containers, including large ones. Even dwarf pip and stone fruit varieties still have very vigorous root systems which can cause the plants to become root-bound very quickly. This combined with irregular watering contributes significantly to the failure of container-grown fruit trees.   
However, there are a number of other fruit trees that can be successfully cultivated in pots including, blueberries, feijoas (dwarf Feijoa Bambina), guavas (red, yellow, and tropical), lemons (Meyer Lemon), limes (Bearrs Lime), mandarins (clementine and satsuma), passionfruit and of course, strawberries! Our Growing Fruit Trees & Berry Guide and Growing Strawberries Guide, have more advice on varieties to look for. Where possible choose large pots or containers and fill with fresh Daltons Premium Outdoor Container Mix or Garden Time™ Enriched Garden Mix at planting time. 

As the fruit trees grow, apply Daltons Premium Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser 500g during the growing season. From June onwards Garden Centres will be receiving new supplies of fruit trees from various growers, this is an excellent time to purchase your new plants. 

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