Gardening with Children

Gardening with Children

What are the best plants for children to grow? I would love to start a garden with the Tamariki I look after.

The best plants for children to grow are ones that they can eat, and that are able to be eaten raw straight from the garden! Strawberries are an absolute must for anyone with children, with at least 20 plants to provide an ongoing harvest. 

Other easy-to-grow and instantly edible vegetables are Sweet 100 tomatoes, dwarf beans, peas, and celery. If there is enough room, a few raspberry canes will quickly provide fresh raspberries in early summer, while cucumbers and courgettes are simply fun to watch grow.

Grow runner beans on a frame – get the children to plant their seeds (remember to label them) and have a competition to see who has the fastest-growing bean! 

And finally, what summer garden would be complete without some sunflowers! The giant growing varieties such as Kings Seeds ‘Sunflower Skyscraper’ are fascinating both for children and parents – you can get some helpful sowing and growing tips from our Sunflowers in Kindergartens Project resources here

Click here for more advice and activities for children in the garden.

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