The Effect of Heavy Rain on Soil Nutrients

wet soil

The Effect of Heavy Rain on Soil Nutrients

In some parts of the country the rain has been unrelenting, and the loss of organic matter is a major problem with existing soils in the aftermath of heavy rain. The force of the water can wash away or leach organic matter from the soil, particularly if it is not protected by vegetation or other forms of ground cover. 

What is organic matter? 
Organic matter refers to decomposed plant and animal materials that contribute to the nutrient content, structure, and overall health of the soil. An example is compost.

How does it help?
It enhances soil structure, supplies vital nutrients to plants, nourishes essential soil microorganisms, and promotes the development of robust and healthy plant root systems.

What to do:
It is very important to replenish soil by adding copious amounts of organic matter after heavy rains have ceased. Do this by adding fresh Garden Time Compost to the existing soil, with the addition of large handfuls of our Ready to Grow Blood and Bone. Add a thick layer of Premium Mulch and Grow around plants or on your garden. This helps prevent nutrients from being leached from the soil and in time the mulch will break down and further improve the organic content of the soil.
In the veggie patch, protect plants by adding a layer of Garden Time Compost around developing winter vegetables and plants and break up the soil gently when it becomes compacted. 


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