When is the best time to dethatch your lawn? And what are the benefits of doing this?

Dethatching is best carried out in spring/early summer. This is the time of vigorous growth of your lawn as the soil and air temperatures rise. 

Thatch is the layer between the roots and foliage of the grass, consisting of dead fibrous material such as old grass stems and leaves. Typically, excessive thatch is usually only found in long established lawns. 

Where thatch becomes excessively thick, it can impede moisture penetration into the soil. Fertiliser may also not be able to penetrate the soil and in very wet conditions, the thatch may also become saturated with water. In conditions of poor drainage and lack of aeration to your grass roots, diseases can quickly become established. Dethatching can help with these issues.  

To dethatch your lawn, regularly lightly scour it with a rake or you can get a dethatcher to attach to your lawnmower which should prevent any serious build up of thatch. After dethatching your lawn, apply Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser and water it in well.  

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