Dead Grass

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Dead Grass

We have small patches of dead grass throughout the lawn. They have been there for years and I can't seem to fix them. Could it be some type of fungi?

Assuming that you don’t have an influx of animals using your lawn as a local toilet - the patches may be an infection of grass grub or a fungal disease.  During winter it is best to do nothing – the time to attack is spring!  

There are two strategies you can take; totally renovate or just treat the infected areas.  The first one is more extreme, but because you get a lot of pleasure from your lawn it may be worth renovating it and start from scratch. To do this, remove all existing grass and introduce some Daltons Premium Lawn Soil mix. The mix is specially blended to ensure an even spread and improves drainage and soil quality. Then sow with a mixture of fescue and rye grass seeds. By mixing the grass seed this will create a durable and attractive lawn all year round. The second strategy is to repair the infected areas. Remove grass and soil around the infected area - at least 15cm beyond it. Add Daltons Premium Lawn Soil to the area and over sow with new grass seed and lightly water. 

Other things to check are the drainage of your lawn - you may need to add in some Gypsum to help improve this, and when mowing your lawn catch your clippings and remove them. 

For ongoing care of your lawn, fertilise it regularly and adequately with lawn fertiliser during in the growing season – try Daltons Premium Lawn Fertliser.  Beginning in October, apply fertiliser every 4-5 weeks till Christmas (avoid fertilising over the hot summer months).  Then begin application again from late Feb to late April.  Fertiliser lowers the PH of the soil which means the grass will grow better than the weeds!

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