Daphne Plants keep dying


Daphne Plants keep dying

One of my favourite plants is daphne, but I have had two die on me. I have them in semi sunny spot, stones in the pot for drainage, but they still keep dying. Are there any other tips for me please? 

Daphne’s are not the easiest of plants to cultivate long-term and although they can be a tad temperamental – their exquisitely scented flowers make all the effort worthwhile! 

Although they can thrive in containers, it's crucial to ensure all the necessary conditions for successful cultivation are consistently maintained throughout the year. For instance, if the Daphne becomes too dry over summer, the leaves will turn a pale green colour and eventually die. If the soil in the container becomes too wet in winter, similar symptoms are displayed, and the Daphne will die. 

If possible, it would be better to plant a new Daphne in the soil in the garden. 

Choose a semi-shaded position, in soil that is well-drained and that is enriched with Garden Time™ Compost. If it is available, plant Daphne odora 'Rubra', as this is the most robust Daphne species and has considerable longevity.

Unfortunately, Daphne leucanthe is one of the most common Daphne varieties available in Garden Centre's and is not an easy plant to cultivate in the home garden.

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