Caring for your Rose Garden

Caring for your Rose Garden

14 years ago I planted a Loving Memory rose and it hasn't flourished at all. I have fed it special rose manure, put banana skins around and it is in a dry sunny position. All my other roses are thriving except this one. Should I transplant it? When?

After 14 years of tender loving care and attention with very unsatisfactory results, it would be worth uplifting the plant and replacing it. Improve the soil in the site with plenty of Daltons Compost and purchase a new Loving Memory plant from your local garden centre.

The reason the previous plant failed could be because it was a poor specimen, or it was not grafted and was a cutting grown plant, which can often struggle to get established in home gardens.

Do ensure when purchasing your new rose that the plant is a vigorous looking specimen and obviously grafted (check with staff at the garden centre). New roses come into retailers late June or early July so that is the best time to purchase. Matthews Roses come highly recommended. All roses respond well to Daltons Premium Rose & Flower Fertiliser from late October to early December, recommencing again in late February through to late April.

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